Farrell Equipment furnishes contractor equipment, industrial tools & construction supplies. Our product line is always expanding to reflect your needs.
Our line includes but not limited to:

Our Product Lines

Blades & Bits

Caulks, Adhesives & Fasteners

Chemicals & Cementitious Products

Diamond Blades

Diamond Grinding Discs

Diamond Core Bits

Abrasive Cutting Wheels

Chop Saw Blades

Street Saw Blades

Metal & Concrete Grinding Discs

Polishing Pads

Reciprocating Blades

Hole Saws

Carbide Drill Bits

Steel Drill Bits

Pavement Breakers


Carbide Blades

We Sharpen Carbide Blades

Tremco Silicones, Caulks & Urethanes

Tremco Glazing Tape

Unitex Epoxy Joint Sealer

TK Polyurea

Backer Rod & Denver Foam

3M Adhesives

3M Firestop Sealant

3M Firestop Pipe Collars

Epoxy Anchors & Construction Adhesives

Caulking Guns

Powder Actuated Guns

Powers Fasteners

Trak-It Tools & Accessories

Hitachi Pneumatic Tools & Fasteners

Paslode Pneumatic Tools & Fasteners

Hand Driven Nails

TK AS-1 Kure & Seal (1315)

TK Colored Concrete Sealers

TK Siloxane & Silane

TK Chlorinated Rubber

TK Urethane Sealers

Concrete Form Release Agents

Stamp Releasers

TK- Epoxy Color Systems

Epoxy Repair Products

Non Shrink Grouts

Cementitious Concrete Floor Patches

Cementitious Underlayment

Cementitious Self Leveling Floor Repair

Cementitious Vertical Wall Patches

Calcium Chloride

Concrete Forming & Accessories

Concrete & Masonry Tools

Decorative Concrete Products

Wall Forms:

Steel/Ply, Plywood & Aluminum

Insulated Concrete Form Systems

Form Ties & Accessories

Wall Brace Systems


Steel, Plastic & Bendable Forms

Rebar & Mesh

Tie Wire & Anchor Bolts

Column Form Tubes


Windows & Window Well Systems

Detectable Warning Tiles

CertainTeed Form-A-Drain

Trench Drainage Systems

Drain Tile

Concrete Spreaders & Screeds

Bull Floats & Hand Floats

Mortar Hoes

Extension Handles

Groovers & Edgers

Curb Tools


Wire Tying Tools


Knee Boards

Concrete Brooms

Brick Tongs

Brick & Masonry Splitters


Mortar Guns

Mason Nylon Line

Construction Sprayers

Colors: Integral, Powder & Liquid

Shake-on Colored Hardeners

Shake-on Color Release


Texture Rollers


Spray On Deck Coat

Liquid Release

Decorative Concrete Sealers

Concrete Countertop Mix

Stampable Overlays

Concrete Polishing Equipment

Acid, Acetone & Waterbased Stains

Architectural Concrete Form Liners

Hand Tools

Ladders & Scaffolding

Lasers, Transits & Levels

Nutsetters/Bit Tips & Bit Tip Holders

Iron Worker Pliers

Bolt Cutters

Lenox Hacksaws

Hammers & Mauls


Two-Way Radios

Pry Bars/Grizzly Bars

Tool Belts

Floor Scrapers

Drywall Hand Tools



Brooms & Brushes

Siding Breaks

Folding Tool Tables

Fiberglass & Aluminum Ladders

Scaffolding & Accessories

Mobile Scaffolding

Baker Scaffold

Aluminum Planks

Elevating Scaffold Systems

Guard Rails & Gates

Stairway & Accessories

Slab Grabbers

Shoring Post & Accessories

Roof Brackets

Sidewall Brackets

Pump Jack Systems (Aluminum & Steel)

Trimble Total Stations

Spectra Precision Lasers

Laser Pointers

PLS Lasers

Interior Lasers

Laser Detectors

Levels & Transits


Plumb Bobs

Grade Rods

Right Angle Prisms

Gammon Reels

Hand Sight Levels

Metal Detectors

Stabila & Crick Levels

Marking & Measuring Products

Masonry Accessories

Material Handling

Inverted Marking Paints

Marking Wands

Striping Machines

Marking Pens

Lumber Crayons

Spray Adhesives

Chalk Line Reels

Marking Chalk

Measuring Tapes

Mason Folding Rules

Measuring Wheels


Concrete Calculators

Spec Mix

Masonry Reinforcement Wire

Wall Ties & Anchors

Veneer Anchors

Rebar Positioners

Control Joints

Waterproofing & Flashing

Air Barrier


Foam Insulation

Mortar Grout Screen

Mortar Net Drainage Systems

Weep Holes

Buck Ups

Mortar Boards

Grout Hogs

Wall Bracing Systems

Chain & Chain Binders

Nylon & Cable Slings

Chain Hoists & Ratchet Straps

Hand Trucks & Barrel Carts

Power Buggies


Brick-N-Block Carts

Mortar Tubs & Concrete Buckets

Grout & Mud Hogs

Rubber Accordion Hoppers

Wall Jacks

Work Platforms

Panel Lifts & Drywall Carts

Sumner Lifts

Jobsite Forklifts

Miscellaneous Products

Safety & Protection Products

Storage Equipment

Air Hose, Fittings & Couplings

Discharge Hose

Work Pails

Water Hoses & Accessories

Igloo Coolers

Gatorade Powder Mix

Disposable Rags

Sweeping Compound

Floor Dry

Duct Tape/ Masking Tape

Banding Tools & Supplies

Concrete Calculators


Brooms & Brushes

Dust Barriers

Extension Handles


Hard Hats

Safety Glasses

Knee Pads

Ear Plugs & Muffs


Respirators & Dust Masks

Overshoes & Boots


Disposable Coveralls

Safety Vests & Caps

Traffic & Safety Cones

Safety Fence & Tapes

Construction Site Signs

Fall Protection Harnesses & Systems

Impalement Protection

Safety Rails & Boots

Detectable Warning Tiles

Safety Cans

Knaack Storagemaster Chests

Portable Field Stations

Jobmaster Chests & Cabinets

Rolling Work Benches

Underbed Boxes

Saddle & Side Boxes

Pork chop Boxes

Hi-side Boxes

Pack Rat Drawer Units

Transfer Tanks

Interior Van Storage Systems

Truck Racks

Ladder Racks

Waterproofing, Poly & Insulation

Power Tools & Equipment

Foundation Waterproofing Systems

Trench Drain Systems

Drainage Tile & Fittings

Sump Pump Liners


Platon Foundation Protector

Waterstop Products

Airless Sprayers

Poly Vapor Barriers


Above Grade Waterproofers

Barrier Underslab Insulation


Hydraulic Cement

Curing and Insulating Blankets

Extruded Polystyrene Foam Boards

Silt Fence

Erosion Control Blankets

Power Trowels


Concrete Vibrators

Rebar Tiers

Rebar Benders & Cutters

Concrete & Mortar Mixers

Scissor Lifts

Air Compressors

Pressure Washers


Work Lights & Power Cords


Barn Fans


Cordless Drills & Drivers

Hammer Drills

Circular/Cut-off/Concrete Saws


Mason & Tile Saws

Walk Behind Concrete Saws

Core Drilling Rigs

Floor Grinders, Scabblers & Scarifiers

Jack Hammers & Chippers

If you are a equipment or material manufacturer and think that you have a product our customers would find useful we would like to hear from you.

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