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16' Wall Jack (Proctor)

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16' Wall Jack (Proctor)
Proctor Products Co. Inc.
Special Instructions:


16' Wall Jacks (sold in pairs)

To lift prefab walls. Two Workers and a set of Proctor Wall Jacks can lift a finished wall section in less than five minutes and reduce the risks and cost of labor. No other tilt up construction method is so simple, so fast, so inexpensive. Thousands in use throughout the US. Proctor has been reducing the hazards and labor costs associated with raising finished wood walls since 1954 with Wall Jacks And Wall Braces.  Both Wall Jacks and Wall Braces are proudly made in North America.

Two Proctor Wall Jacks will lift a sheathed wall.

• Extended Length 16'
• Closed Length 9' 6"
• Wall Lift 7' to 10' 6"
• Capacity (Per Jack) 1000 lbs
• Weight (Per Jack) 53 lbs


A. CABLE: 5/32" galvanized aircraft cable.

B. WINCH: Standard two-way ratchet winch. Operates similar to a bumper jack. It may be jacked down, one notch at a time until load is removed, after which the cable may be pulled out freely.

C. THE ADJUSTABLE WALL STOP must be pre-set for the proper wall height. Various settings are listed on the decal. (Settings are approximately 1.45 times wall height.)

D. LIFTING is accomplished by the ratchet winch. Loads may be raised or lowered by setting the up-down lever.

E. DOUBLE HEADED NAILS secure the hinged floor plate to the subfloor. If on concrete, a plank may be extended to a solid object and used as a substitute. The plank must be secured to prevent it from slipping or lifting during the wall lift.

F. TELESCOPES to the closed position for storage and hauling.

Proctor Wall Jacks Lifting 45' Wall (04:20)
Proctor Wall Jacks Lifting 45' Wall purposely done a little slower than normal to show a few things. Proctorwalljacks.com
  • Proctor Wall Jacks Lifting 45' Wall
    Proctor Wall Jacks Lifting 45' Wall purposely done a little sl...

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