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5 Gal. Pail W.B. Rubberized Foundation Waterproof (TK Products)

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SKU: TK200305
TK Products

5 Gal. Pail W.B. Rubberized Foundation Waterproof (TK Products)
TK Products
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W.B. Rubberized Foundation Waterproofing - 5 Gal. Pail

TK-HYDROMAX® 2003 RUBBERIZED WB FOUNDATION COATING is a rubberized latex copolymer formulation for waterproofing below-grade poured concrete, CMU, precast concrete and insulated concrete forms (ICF) and preventing the penetration of water and chemicals. It bridges small cracks up to 1/6” thick, to prevent the penetration of water and other chemicals through the wall. 

While TK-HYDROMAX® 2003 RUBBERIZED WB FOUNDATION COATING was designed to be applied to the exterior of the wall, its neutral coloring allows for application to the interior as a decorative coating with additional moisture/vapor retarding benefits.

Basic Uses:
For commercial or residential below grade foundation walls, CMU, poured concrete and insulated concrete forms (ICF)

Coverage rate is inversely affected by the texture and porosity of the substrate. One coat is sufficient when applied at 45- 55 square feet per gallon, or 30-35 wet mil film. This will give a dry film of 12-15 mils. Any area where coverage is thin may be recoated. The wall can be back filled once the film is cured. No protection board is required for back filled depths of less than 9 feet as long as the wall is carefully back filled with granular material with no large and/or frozen chunks that will puncture the coating. 

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