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9' 10" Galv. Commercial Section - E - F (Norstar)

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SKU: UDR01-11718

9' 10" Galv. Commercial Section - E - F (Norstar)
Norstar Industries Ltd.
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Norstar 9' 10" Galv. Commercial Section - E - F

U-drain is a SIMPLE, LOW MAINTENANCE, and COST-EFFECTIVE solution for concrete floor drainage.
This NON-GRATED, PRE-ENGINEERED TRENCH DRAIN is installed into a concrete floor and designed to remove surface water through a single slot that opens into a trench which directs drainage to a connected sump.
The basic U-drain system consists of pre-sloped and/or neutral sections, an adapter plate/end cap and a sump. Each of these components is bolt-together to provide USER-FRIENDLY ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION.
INSTALLED INTO A FLOOR GRID PRIOR TO CONCRETE BEING POURED, the U-drain system connects directly to the rebar grid. The drain can be used as a center screed when pouring concrete. Once the concrete has been poured, the narrow slot opening is level with the floor, creating an aesthetically pleasing low-profile intake.
U-drain is available in RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL FORMATS, each being fundamentally the same, but with unique features that allow for a large variety of applications ranging from home garages to aircraft hangars.


Commercial U-drain

Commercial U-drain is designed for large scale drainage applications ranging from parkades to aircraft hangars. Commercial U-drain comes in standard 10’ lengths that are pre-sloped at a rate of .05% (1/2” over 10’). This slope allows for continuous flow over long distances and renders the drain self-cleaning. Unsloped 5’, 3’ and 1’ sections are used for extending along short distances when needed. The system begins with an end section that slopes toward a sump pit, with sloped sections inserted to lengthen the drain as desired. 120’ of continuous one way slope is available. The Commercial U-drain system features a 1” slot opening. A wide variety of commercial sump pits and accessories are available, including silt strainers and oil separators.

For More Information on U-Drain Systems, such as Installation. PDF Data Sheet




Commercial U drain™ Installation (03:31)
U-drain™ (manufactured by Norstar Industries Ltd.) is the most simple and efficient floor drain on the market. Commercial U-drain™ can be used for a wide range of applications including machine sheds, parking lots, car washes, airports and more! See how U-drain™ offers a simple installation that integrates seamlessly with laying a concrete floor.
  • Commercial U drain™ Installation
    U-drain™ (manufactured by Norstar Industries Ltd.) is the most...

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