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CavClear Masonry Mat - MDCD

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CavClear Masonry Mat - MDCD

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CavClear Masonry Mat - MDCD

Product Overview
CavClear® Masonry Mat MDCD is a mortar dropping collection device used in standard masonry cavity walls.

CavClear Masonry Mat MDCD is designed for use at all flashing locations, in composite, single wythe and veneer applications. The nonwoven plastic mesh design allows moisture to seep down through any mortar droppings and weep out of the wall through unobstructed weeps.

CavClear Masonry Mat MDCD, used with properly installed flashing and weep vents along with good mortar applying techniques, will ensure the performance of a well-designed masonry wall.

Features and Benefits

  • Mortar is suspended in different levels ensuring drainage function.
  • Made from 75% recycled plastic.
  • The unique vertical alignment of the nonwoven fibers provides uniformity and structural integrity that will stand up to the weight of the mortar.
  • The nonwoven mesh allows for air movement and water drainage.
  • The lightweight product comes in bundles and is handled and stored easily on the jobsite.
  • Product will not rot or react with common building materials.
  • Installation requires no adhesives or fasteners.
  • The complete CavClear product line is backed by Archovations, Inc., a leading manufacturer of masonry accessories and other architecturally innovative building products.

Install first one or two courses of the exterior wythe. Allow to set and cure. Clear mortar and debris from cavity space.

Place CavClear Masonry Mat MDCD in bottom of cavity with the flat edge facing downward. Product should fit snugly. Install at all flashing locations. Mechanical attachment is not required.

For masonry walls that exceed 10' in height, install additional continuous product strips at approximately every 8' - 11' of wall height at masonry courses where reinforcement anchors are located.

Excess mortar should not be allowed to fall into the cavity during construction of subsequent courses. A clear cavity should be maintained between the facade and back-up by back beveling the mortar bed.

Sizes and Packaging

Product # - CC-MDCD - 100
1" thick x 10" tall x 4' length
56 pcs/bundle
224 lin ft/bundle

Product # - CC-MDCD - 200
2" thick x 10" tall x 4' length
112 lin ft/bundle

CavClear® Masonry Mat MDCD™ is available in 1” and 2” thicknesses. We also offer 1/2" and 3” thicknesses with a minimum quantity and 2-3 lead time, please ask for a quote.
The CavClear® Masonry Mat MDCD material comes in bundles and now Gaylords (4-1/2 boxes of material in each Gaylord) for a lower price. Gaylords require a minimum quantity and 2-3 week lead time, please ask for a quote.


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