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CavClear Rainscreen Mat - WS

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CavClear Rainscreen Mat - WS

Special Instructions:

CavClear® Rainscreen Mat - WS
CavClear® Rainscreen Drainage Mat is designed to be installed behind manufactured or thin-set stone, stucco, cedar and lap siding applications to manage moisture and moisture vapor.
It is important to design and construct an effective rainscreen system that will provide a means for drainage and ventilation. Moisture will find its way into exterior wall systems by way of gaps, penetrations, cracks in the surface of the cladding material, and cracked mortar joints. Since it provides the drainage and ventilation function for the system, CavClear® Rainscreen Drainage Mat is an integral part of a successful rainscreen wall design.

Features and Benefits
Consider the following:

  • 95% open design creates a continuous capillary break and channel for moisture to drain and accelerates drying of the exterior cladding.
  • Durable polymer material is resistant to most known corrosive chemicals and does not provide a food source for mold or mildew.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Simple and quick to install. Easier and more cost effective than traditional furring strip methods.
  • 2-ply design features a backer fabric that improves the tensile and compressive strength properties of the rainscreen drainage mat.
  • Integrated insect screen.

Composition and Materials
CavClear Rainscreen Mat has a Class A flame spread according to ASTM E84 testing, and contains a core polymer of UV stabilized polypropylene.

Application and Installation
Install as follows:

  • Apply a weather resistant barrier over sidewall sheathing.
  • Note: some regions may require two layers of weather resistant barrier. Check local codes for more information.
  • Install CavClear® Rainscreen Drainage Mat after windows and doors have been properly installed and flashed. Starting at the base of the wall unroll CavClear® Rainscreen Drainage Mat from right to left with the four-inch fabric flap at the bottom, the three-dimensional (green) polymer matrix against the weather resistant barrier and the fabric facing the exterior of the building. Staple or nail every three square feet.
  • On the first (bottom) course only, un-fold the four-inch fabric flap and tuck it between the (green) polymer matrix and the weather resistant barrier to create an insect screen.
  • On intermediate courses, butt blue polymer material together tightly without overlapping. Pull four inch fabric flap over previous course (shingle style) and staple.
  • On top course, invert the roll and unroll left to right with the four-inch fabric flap at the top. Unfold the fabric flap and tuck it between the (green) matrix and the weather resistant barrier to create an insect screen.
  • Apply exterior cladding over CavClear® Rainscreen Drainage Mat using manufacturer’s recommended fasteners and spacing

Storage and Handling
Store in a clean, dry, sheltered area off of the ground until used.

Physical Data

Core Material




0.25 in / 6 mm

o.4 in / 10 mm

Roll Length

61.5 ft / 18.75 m

40 ft / 12.19 m

Roll Width

39 in / 99.06 cm

39 in / 99.06 cm

Roll Weight

14 lbs / 6.35 kg

16 lbs / 7.26 kg

Coverage Area

200 sq ft / 18.58 m2

130 sq ft / 12.08 m2

Technical Data

Material Thickness

0.25 in / 6 mm

o.4 in / 10 mm

Density / Specific Gravity
(ASTM D 792, Method A)

0.901 g / cm3

0.903 g / cm3

Porosity (open space)
(ECTC TASC00197)



Mass / Unit Area (composite)
(ASTM D 5261 / D 6566)

11.25 oz / sq yd

15.10 oz / sq yd

Hydraulic Transmissivity
(ASTM D 4716)

3.70 gpm / ft width

7.01 gpm / ft width

Air Transmissivity
(ASTM D 4716, Mod)

15.8 cu ft /min /ft width

54.5 cu ft /min /ft width

Flame Spread & Smoke Index
(ASTM E 84)

Class A Fire Rated

Class A Fire Rated

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