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Make your own Concrete Table Top!

Don't waste that left-over concrete after a pour! Make some extra money and create an amazing piece of furniture by pouring a concrete table.

Need to add a timeless piece to your design?  Proline’s Live Edge Wood Table can enhance any room whether interior or exterior.  Live Edge wood tables are highly sought after.  Here's how to create an exquisite piece of furniture at a fraction of the cost!

1. Apply Form Release to the Mold


Use Proline Form Release, apply a thin coat to the inside of the mold evenly with a rag. 
Make sure no excess is left anywhere. 
Important: be sure there are no puddles!

2. Pour Concrete Into Mold


Place concrete into the mold and screed off.

3. Vibrate the Concrete


Vibrate thoroughly using a pencil vibrator. 
Go all the way around the edges and center. Make sure to vibrate thoroughly!

4. Screed and Float the Concrete



Float the exposed concrete (table bottom).


Wait until the next day or two for the concrete to cure and harden. Time may vary depending on the temperature.

4. Remove, Clean, and Stain

Carefully peel back the edges of the mold free from the concrete. Carefully flip the mold over and pull the rest of the mold off slowly and carefully.

After removing the mold, clean your new concrete table top with Proline Dura Clean. 
Proline EZ-Accent and / or EZ-Tique can be applied to provide a realistic look.

To create a long lasting and glossy finish, seal it with TK Product’s Bright Kure & Seal.


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