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Basalt Rebar

Basalt Rebar Is Stronger, Lighter & More Dependable Than Steel! 

1) 89% Lighter Than Steel

Basalt rebar is an alternative to steel or fiberglass for the reinforcement of concrete.  The rebar is 89% lighter than steel and twice as strong.  Its so light that one man can lift a coil of basalt rebar by hand!  This makes it very easy to handle and does not require a heavy lifting crane on job sites. 

2) More than 2x Stronger Than Grade 60

More than 4x Stronger Than Grade 40

3) Will Not Rust and Crack Concrete Like Steel

Corrosion is also not a concern as it will not rust like steel, whether in storage or in concrete.

4) Prevents Concrete Cracking Due to Rusting

The long life cycle makes it valuable with less repairs than alternatives.

5) Lay Vertically or Horizontally

While basalt rebar can lay vertically or horizontally, fiberglass rebar cannot be applied vertically.  This gives basalt rebar a boarder use of its applications.

6) Strong Textured Coating Adheres to Concrete

7) Cuts Easier Than Standard Rebar

Its known to cut easier than standard rebar by using regular tools. This will save you time on extensive labor.

20th Annual Product Show 2018 - Official Promo Video

The Farrell 20th Annual Product Show Is Coming Soon! The 2018 construction season starts here!Friday, March 9, 2018, 8 am - 5 pm1510 N. Hasting Way, Eau Claire, WIThis year is our 20th Product Show. We are planning something BIG! - Now with over 40,000 sq. ft. of heated show-space!- The best deals and prices of [...]

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Make your own Concrete Table Top!

Don't waste that left-over concrete after a pour! Make some extra money and create an amazing piece of furniture by pouring a concrete table. Need to add a timeless piece to your design?  Proline’s Live Edge Wood Table can enhance any room whether interior or exterior.  Live Edge wood tables are highly sought after.  Here's how [...]

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New Decorative Concrete Display at our Eau Claire Location!

September 2017, we started a new extension to our current decorative concrete display in Eau Claire. We wanted to show off Proline's Hand Hewn Timber Stamp, a beautiful and brand new concrete form that not a lot of people have been able to see. The result was great!Dry integral color is mixed with the wet concrete [...]

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Brand new Proline Live Edge Wood Table mold

Here at Farrell, we are always looking to have the newest, high quality products. With Proline, you can get high quality, beautiful decorative concrete products that will transform any project you take on into a gorgeous one. Designs are limitless and you can transform any concrete surface to brand new with stained, stamped and hand-cut designs [...]

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