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Pro Stain Mixing Kit and Pigment Colors (Proline)

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Pro Stain Mixing Kit and Pigment Colors (Proline)
Special Instructions:


Pro Stain Concrete Stain Mixing Kit
For proper mixing of Proline's Pro Stain Pigment color. 2 Ea. 32 Oz. Bottles (Part 1 & Part 2). Pigment sold separately.

CURING & DRY TIMES: Dry times will vary with temperature and humidity.  Do not get wet for 24 hours.  Can be walked on when dry to the touch (not tacky), normally 3 to 6 hours after application.   Can be driven on after 48 hours (weather permitting).  We recommends parking on cardboard for 24 days.  Can be pressure washed after 1 week of warm weather, 60 degrees and above.  
A complete kit requires two 32 FL OZ bottles which form the Base product, and one 2 LB jar of Pro-Stain Pigment.  Pigment color is selected and purchased separately from Base.  
COVERAGE:  Two coats at 300-400 square feet each.  
TOOLS NEEDED:  Proline Stain Mixing Kit (PRO95-PSTKIT), Flag-tipped brush and handle, bucket, water.

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