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Roll 3' x 100' Wis DOT Silt Fence w/ 13 Stakes (Quality Manufacturer)

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SKU: MP2000

Roll 3' x 100' Wis DOT Silt Fence w/ 13 Stakes (Quality Manufacturer)
Quality Manufacturer
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Roll 3' x 100' Wis DOT Silt Fence with 13 Stakes

Wisconsin Department of Transportation approved and certified by many state D.O.T.s.  D.O.T. specifications vary by state and will consist of any of the following requirements.

  • Specified higher quality fabrics in 24", 30", 36", 42" widths
  • Specified stake sizes 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" (nominal) 2" x 2" (nominal) etc.
  • Specified stake spacing 10', 8', 7', 6', 4' centers
  • Mesh backing – some D.O.T. specs require mesh backing

Silt fence is a temporary sediment barrier of entrenched permeable geotextile fabric designed to intercept and slow the flow of sediment-laden sheet flow runoff from small areas of disturbed soil.

This silt fence retains the soil on disturbed land, such as a construction site, until the activities disturbing the land are sufficiently completed to allow revegetation and permanent soil stabilization to begin. Keeping the soil on a construction site, rather than letting it be washed off into natural water bodies (e.g., streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, estuaries) prevents the degradation of aquatic habitats and siltation of harbor channels. And not letting soil wash off onto roads, which readily transport it to storm sewers, avoids having sewers clogged with sediment. The cost of installing silt fences on a watershed’s construction sites is considerably less than the costs associated with losing aquatic species, dredging navigation channels, and cleaning sediment out of municipal storm sewers.

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