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Spiked Pro Finish Shoes - X-Large (11+) (ShoeIn USA)

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SKU: SHO2100

Spiked Pro Finish Shoes - X-Large (11+) (ShoeIn USA)
Shoe-In Pro Finish
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Spiked Pro Finish Shoes - X-Large (11+)

Shoe-In Spiked Shoes are the safest and most stable shoes on the market. Thanks to its patented technology and user-friendly design, is very easy to get on and off the shoes. There are no straps to drag or break, and no nuts that are going to come loose and fall off. These shoes can be used for many different applications, such as epoxy coatings, overlays, decorative concrete and self-leveling. The Spiked Shoes come standard with 3/4″ metal sharp needle spikes.

  • Interchangeable Spikes
  • Superior Stability
  • No Left/Right
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Kick-On/Hands Free

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